1 day

Who has first day of school jitters? Raise your hand! I’d say that’s about everyone.

Today we were all hard at work again getting the building ready for tomorrow: painting, moving, organizing. The staff have desks and work spaces, the library is small but books are getting categorized, the cork floor is ready to be played on, movable walls made so the space is usable. The shipping container now known as the workshop got a second coat of paint, there are chairs everywhere waiting to be sat on, the bathroom walls are freshly bright white. The collaborators have the day planned out to the minute and the admin staff is working hard to get the last minute details in order. Things may not be one hundred percent perfect and in their places, but the exciting thing about this school is that the students can build it up along with us and shape what they want to see in their space. How neat is that!

It’s promising to be an amazing day and we all look forward to telling you about it – the first day of the first year of this very new, exciting school.

Wish us luck!