4 days

Can I say “one of the best nights at Brightworks” to describe the parent potluck dinner last night? We’ve all come so far since the beginning of summer – and frankly since the beginning of this adventure of starting a school – and the closeness that I felt with all the parents, kids, and my fellow staff members was one of the best parts of this whole place for me. The building looked great with all the new furniture and was filled with kid things to do: drilling holes, making cardboard caps (or totem poles or stovepipe hats), playing with magnets, computer painting, getting buried in beanbags, and drawing on a rolled out piece of brown paper. The parents stunned us with the amazing collection of food, the chatter was loud, the laughter was heart-warming. There’s been – and I hope always will be – such an outpouring of support for everyone in this process of becoming a school and a community, and I just have to marvel again and again over how excited I am to get to know every single one of the kids joining us on Tuesday. As one of our future students said as he left the potluck, “I’ve never been so excited to come to Brightworks.” Hear, hear.