capoeira, pretzels, massage

Today, the kids experimented with capoeira, rope, pretzel making, hand anatomy…

Chane reclaimed the cork floor as an organized body movement space. The kids moved like insects and danced to the story about monkeys jumping on the bed.

Debbie came in and helped the kids hand-make pretzels for a snack before school got out! Yum!

Josh led a knot-tying session.

One of the highlights of the day was watching Josh use the torch to clean up the ends on pieces of rope.

Susan from Project Commotion around the corner came in to work with the kids on the power of hands in the tradition of capoeira.

Kristie, along with making chicken and dumplings for hot lunch this afternoon, took some time to talk about hand anatomy and hand massages.

At the end of the day, the collaborators emptied their pockets and took a picture of the contents of their hands.

Lots of the kids complain that 3:30 always comes to soon!