testing projects

The prototyping continued today with experiments in water for boats, using embroidery thread for quilting, testing ingredients in the kitchen, using stop-motion software, and felting. The kids are making huge strides in learning how to work in groups where everyone has their own ideas about the project and they have to compromise to make an even stronger project.

This morning, Ree showed some of the kids how she makes her own yarn on the spinning wheel.


Connor contemplated the joint on his design for a hand and worked with Henry to compromise on a project that combines their love of comics and gadgets.


Isaac, Ben, and Zada made progress in their best and worst food recipes.



Coke, Kaia, and Evan worked on the story for the stop motion animation movie.


Clementine, Ben, and Aidan experimented with which kinds of material hold water best.


Ben and Aidan played with soap boats.


Theo worked on a popcorn experiment: he predicted that it would take 2 minutes to pop, but we found that the actual time was 2 minutes 23 seconds.


Clementine, Norabelle, Lola, and Natasha Mei used paper and thread to make ornaments.



Stop motion practice.


Sofia, Audrey, and Bruno Kai worked on their felted nature scene.


Roland continued to absorb the kids in his art throughout the day.


At the end of the day, we all gathered together so we could see the short stop motion films that Evan, Kaia, and Coke prototyped.


Everyone worked so hard today! It was another one of those amazing days where the buzz in the school was one of intense concentration and work. Doesn’t get better than that!