Not Too Late to Support Brightworks

Dear Friends,

Brightworks is showing that education can be engaging and compelling, full of wonder and amazing experiences. In the first four months of school we have had more than thirty visiting experts, more than twenty-five excursions to sites around the Bay Area, and four local artists in our artist-in-residence program. Educators around the country and the world are contacting us daily for inspiration to bring back to their own classrooms and communities, and we love sharing what we have learned in order to further the national and international dialogue about educational reform. We are creating a new type of learning experience, and it’s changing how people talk and think about education.

This is a transformative time for us, and you can help. Make a tax-deductible donation this year in order to help Brightworks succeed. We are a very low-overhead organization and every dollar we receive goes directly to helping create life-long learners and world-changers.

Have something to share with our students, or time to volunteer? We love visiting experts, and we can always use a helping hand around the school. Contact Justine to schedule a visit or learn about upcoming projects that you may be able to help out on.

Want to share us with your friends? We’ve got a Facebook page and a twitter account that are updated almost daily.

Have a wonderful 2012, and thank you for supporting Brightworks,
Gever, Ellen, Justine, Josh, Mackenzie, Chane, Anthony