This week has been extraordinary!

The Flying Fish divided their flying contraptions into non-fliers, hover crafts, high fliers, and woo-hoo fliers.

After extensive rounds of voting, the guinea pig was finally named Happy.

Everyone was delighted by the interactions between Happy and Milou, Kaia and Ninja Ben’s guinea pig.

The Ssalson Raptors tried to head to Mountain Lake Park, but got lost and stuck in traffic, so instead headed to Coffee Bar to discuss their new band name, the Marshmallow Ninja Cats.

The Undead Goats took some really neat high-speed photography photos, but with the spotty internet and the strange Flickr uploader setup that I have, their photos didn’t get online – but the boys explained their process in capturing split second moments.

They set up their studio in the workshop without the lights. Ben charged the flash and passed his hand over the laser beam when the flash had fully charged – sometimes it took up to thirty seconds. Then, Connor would tap Josh, who would click the shutter on his camera. Then Connor dropped the water into a bucket to capture its movement. The sound of the water activated the microphone on the flash and voila! An instant in time captured!

With Kristie’s hot lunch in our bellies, we head off to the long weekend content and with minds buzzing about motion.