mountain lake park

The Marshmallow Ninja Cats took a trip to Mountain Lake Park today.

Nicky caught sight of some “sap icicles” and he stopped the group to gather around the tree.


Audrey and Norabelle’s 3rd Law of Motion experiment:
“I was pointing it in the middle but it kept only taking half of me or half of Audrey. We were trying to take a picture of me pushing Audrey over so that we could The camera was focused on us and it was taking only half.”

During our park trip, we played three games. First, small groups had to design a chain reaction of energy transfers from one kid to another. For instance, Kaia pushed Norabelle down a slide and Norabelle then ran to a Audrey to trigger another event. After this, the kids tried to catch examples of Newton’s Second or Third Law of Motion with the camera.

For the chain reaction game, Theo was responsible for giving Quinn a light head to head “bonk” so Quinn would know to run up the slide.

These gentlemen were planning their chain reaction events together!

On our trip to the park, everyone asked, “Why is Theo collecting cardboard boxes?” They soon learned how important a box is for sliding at Mountain Lake Park.

The Marshmallow Ninja Cats were obsessed with the approximately twenty-five foot concrete slide!

Nicky was hanging at least twenty feet above ground and noticing the upside down world.

Nicky contemplated this triangular sandwich box all day. He even carried it home with him.

Theo called this area by the lake “the old castle ruins.”

Quinn gathered some tree sap on his stick. “There was a tree with hanging icicles so I picked some up.”

On the way home, we played “the silent game” and the kids had to act out a message of some kind. The other bus riders were so shocked at the lack of noise from the group.

Mean-Faced Ninja Cats.