weights and paper

There is a rhythm to this arc: quiet, working, lunch, reading, loud – but there is rarely consistency in what emerges during the day.

The Ninja Cats drew diagrams of their experiences with potential and kinetic energy, and they labeled their diagrams to show when and where each occurred.



Cozy reading time.



More experimentation with paper airplanes.


…including adding weights and changing hand placement to affect flight patterns.


Connor’s prototype of an air foil floating in the horizontal wind tunnel.

Henry worked on a video about eating carrots – which was a lesson in multiphase editing.


In the afternoon the Fish settled into a delicious afternoon of reading. They worked together and independently, figuring out hard words and following the cadence of the story. They had also discussed sentences in morning writers’ workshop and continued to ask, “Is this a sentence?” throughout the day.



The Fish expressed the concepts the played and grappled with during the morning’s experimentation. Aidan explained, “The throw powers the plane up into the air.” Ninja Ben disagreed, explaining that it was the air moving around the wings that lifted it up, not the throw. They did agree that the throw moves a plane forward. It was a good afternoon of teasing the cognitive knots these kids have around the principles of lift and thrust.


And the rhythm begins again tomorrow.