arc: locomotion

We’re back from spring break and we’re starting our final arc for the year: Locomotion! We chose this theme as a logical leap from Motion into something that focuses down a little further. Because Locomotion – the movement of a thing or being from one place to another – doesn’t seem like a small-sized bite that we could chew for the rest of the school year, each band has taken smaller topics within that larger arc. The Flying Fish are studying birds, the Ninja Cats are looking at travelers, and the Undead Goats are focusing on bikes.

The Flying Fish were surprised to find an egg incubator in their space when they arrived this morning. They talked about how the incubator works as a mama chicken, keeping the eggs warms until they hatch. Mackenzie asked what kind of animals were inside the eggs, and though they responded with “Chickens!” there’s a possibility that there might be dinosaurs, seagulls, or quails inside, too.




The kids were enthralled by the stories from Ken, a man who is biking the outside rim of the United States. He talked about his travels around the country and his lifestyle while surviving on just the things he can carry on a bike.





The Ninja Cats reflected on the expert and shared their impressions of this traveler. vv


The Undead Goats took a walk to observe bikes and people who bike. Along the way they talked about creating a systematic taxonomy of bikes based on identifying handlebars, frames, and wheels.


The Ninja Cats created a timeline of events to summarize our whole group reader–Wee Free Men by Terry Prachett.

Norabelle is creating a portrayal of a part of the novel when Wentworth (the main character’s brother) goes missing.

Everyone jumped into action to recreate the story, and everyone worked independently as they focused on their scene from the novel.