second year, first arc

We’ve been working hard this summer, between summer camps and Tinkering School and getting our minds and our school space around the idea of next year – which, if you’re counting, is twelve days away. We’re still scrambling to get the space ready after such a busy few months, but we’re doing it in a much happier, healthier, less manic way than we were last summer. It’s a race, but done in a way that we’ve come to accept as the Brightworks way.

On another note, I’d like to introduce our first arc of the year: SALT.

Whether we focus on the everyday roles salt plays in our cells, our food, our playdough, or the vast role salt has played in wars that have been fought, and world exploration through ships and wagon trains that was made possible because of food preservation, this topic is an incredible, tiny seed from which many ideas can grow and branch out to so many disciplines, stories, and discoveries.

We can’t wait to take this tiny grain of the only rock we eat and pursue it through geology, history, science, math, literature… and if you happen to be interested or knowledgeable about anything salty, please let us know by sending an email to

Looking forward to a great new year!

Salt Crystals