what is salt used for?

It’s neat to see how many of the students, when addressing the question “What is salt used for?”, didn’t focus on the obvious: to make food taste better.

Clementine talked about how “in olden days” a “litre or two of salt” was all it took to get a king to hand over his daughter in marriage.

Mason gives us an explanation of salt’s impact on brain function.

Ben mentioned food, but only as one of a series of uses that included, among other things, medieval taxation.

Count this variety of answers a victory for the Salt learning arc, which has clearly liberated the kids’ understanding from a kitchen-only context. One important feature of the arc concept is the interconnectivity of knowledge—the way in which a single, simple theme (such as salt) radiates outward through different branches of our culture: science, history, art… and okay, cooking!