where does salt come from?

It’s always neat to see how kids make use of a new tool. Many of the Brightworks kids have taken to the Video Booth like ducks to water. That’s Alessandro and Clementine splashing comfortably in the photo.


The kids have quickly adapted to this new form of expression and the videos that they’re making show depth of understanding and strong creativity, as you’ll see in the clips below when the students answer the question:

“Where does salt come from?”

Lola tells us it’s from salt water, but the specks are too small to see:

Connor breaks it down for us further:

And Max makes us ponder even deeper—do we really know where salt came from?

We got responses in a variety of styles, but almost all of the kids made mention of salt water, a few got into the molecular chemistry of it and at least two were prompted to bring up the Big Bang Theory. A common thread here is that all of these answers are abstract. We can’t see the specks in salt water; we definitely can’t see hydrogen; and no one has ever seen the Big Bang. All of this is beyond the human eye, yet students as young as 6 years old are explaining these ideas to us in ways that are clear and scientifically sound. That’s phenomenal!

Sometimes the kids go beyond the question and share with us what they’ve just learned. Zada, for example, prepared a full-scale presentation–complete with illustrations–on atoms and then delivered it as coolly as a scientist on NOVA! So sit tight, take notes and get ready to learn everything you need to know about the molecular composition of salt!