Outside the Box

The renovation at Brightworks this month led to some changes – our video booth has been deconstructed and pieces from it are now holding up the students’ work spaces.  It’s an illustration of how we like to take things apart and put them back together in new ways.  It’s also an opportunity to move our recording operation out of the box.

Because the students are talking about their projects it’s helpful to catch them in their studios and study areas where they can express themselves naturally and have room to demonstrate what they are planning.

Justine mentioned in an earlier post that this round of proposals is Brightworks’ best yet. Judging from what the kids describe, we would add: and the most ambitious!

Max, for example, is planning with Henry to open a restaurant!

Natasha and Audrey and Mason are going to perform a dance showing how salt is made. Natasha describes to us how they plan to choreograph their dance:

Connor is making fireworks — one ingredient of which is salt:

Connor will be sharing a studio space with Coke, who is also making fireworks. Both pyro-technicians are looking to mix up a brew that will make a big bang!  Here Coke explains how it’s done:

These creative teams — whether culinary, choreographic or concussive—have one thing in common (besides salt). All of them are producing projects we can’t wait to see!