presentations day 1

Exposition started today! We grouped the kids into presentations by theme; today was based on Salt in Art.


Lucy made a video of herself demonstrating her use of salt in watercolor and the effects that salt has when it dissolves in watercolor paints. She also showed how salt does not affect acrylic or tempra paints. She answered questions about her art gallery in the Coyote band space.



William presented his project in his studio space and talked about the rainmaker he made, the challenges he faced doing research, and compared his rainmaker to one that had been professionally made.



Thea presented her gorgeous salt paintings to the group and talked about the importance of not throwing something out immediately just because she didn’t like how it looked, and learning to work with what she started.



Madison discussed her experience studying the artwork of Motoi Yamamoto, her road trip to Los Angeles to visit the artist’s work and seeing it in person for the first time, and her work creating her own piece of salt art.



Norabelle read her analysis of her evaporation experiments that resulted in different shapes of salt crystals left when all the water had evaporated. She noted the differences in the crystals’ shapes in table salt versus epsom salt.



Audrey and Natasha did an incredible job doing their salt dance together in shiny leotards, presenting the exchange of electrons between sodium and chloride that ultimately creates table salt.



Daniel talked about the games he made up during the expression phase and led the group in a short game of Power Banana Tag.



Alexander talked about his experiments with making a workable boomerang and showed a video of learning to throw one in Australia. He then auctioned off all of the boomerangs he had made during his expression phase.



Evan sat in a chair like a wise professor and talked about the trials and tribulations and ultimate success of taking on all the jobs necessary for creating a newspaper, called Kid City Weekly, which featured stories on his peers’ projects during the Salt Arc.


To be continued tomorrow.