presentations day 2

Day two of exposition presentations continued today with the theme of science.

Connor and Coke presented their materials and methods for making saltpeter fireworks, revealed that gunpowder was created in pursuit of the Elixir of Life, and showed a video of their fireworks testing that they did in Montara last night.



Ben talked about the mini salt flat he recreated after being inspired by the Coyotes’ field trip to the salt flats in Redwood City. He said his favorite part about the experiments was putting salt water in the oven and revealed that bay water is saltier than ocean water.



Lola explained the differences in her experiments with salted ice and non-salted ice and described how salted ice water is colder than non-salted ice water. She told us how she took a picture of the melting ice every minute and showed a slideshow of her pictures.



Kaia and Frances discussed their guinea pig intelligence experiments and their understanding of the differences between a control and a variable in a science experiment. Although they determined that their experiment probably wasn’t too scientific because of the vastly different variables, they did determine that guinea pig Fluffle was the most intelligent.



Alessandro and Bruno talked about their salt powered car experiments and the difficulties they ran into in building their devices. They also talked about the real-world version of a salt power, a fresh and salt water power plant in Norway.



Noah showed a video of himself talking about the scooter that he made with Josh as well as the results of his obstacle course and the survey that resulted. He also demonstrated the turning ability of the front wheel of his scooter.



Ben described his process in creating NaCl from chemicals found in stores: drain cleaner and pool cleaner. Although the salt wasn’t edible, he still was able to successfully combine both chemicals to create a neutral, ordinary table salt.




Max and Henry are putting on their salt restaurant project as I type! More pictures and presentations on Monday.