map friday

This week flew by! So many amazing things happened – we explored the city, our surroundings, details on charting our whereabouts. The kids went out into the world so often, the school was quiet most of the school day every day this week. There are fantasy map stories popping up, getting lost in the woods, explorations of gentrification, treasure to be found, and countries to visit.

Today was Community Friday and there was a wonderful sense of togetherness and yes, community, as we all took the day to do art projects, mapping of the school, hearing stories about adventures, and writing tales of made-up places. We started the day with the snicker-snak of the Vorpol sword in Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky and the twists and turns of a child’s mind of the Neverland as described in Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. After circle, we broke into literature circles and had some time to talk about the first chapters in our seven small groups of readers, each reading a separate book.

The rest of the day was spent telling stories


writing fantasy based on maps


drawing maps


painting and collaging time capsules




building map stands


continuing work on the go-cart


designing treasure hunts in the school


and enjoying Community Lunch prepared by our fearless director Ellen and her family.




We celebrated Mackenzie, Henry, and Thea’s birthdays today as well. After lunch and during dessert, we heard from Elaine and Stan, two writers who wrote a book about civil rights issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. They tied in Fairness, which we just finished, and Maps, which they just started. It was great to see the kids engaging with them and answering questions since they were familiar with the names of historical figures as well as the issues brought up. The kids were incredible listeners! Market Day closed out this Friday, and we said goodbye for a week of spring break.

See you in a week!