topography and anatomy

There was the hum of focused activity in the school today as the Brightworks kids continued in their exploration of Maps. Here’s a few highlights:

The Sand Leopards drew maps of the different systems in the body and created games out of the different processes that happen in a human body. They had to do the research to be anatomically correct and create realistic rules to represent what happens inside the body to not only create a good experience for the game players but also teach the roadblocks and winding paths of the anatomical figure. At the end of the day they played their games and shared with the rest of the band.



The Rubber Band created their own Lego topography landscape using different colors for different layers to represent altitude. They charted their 3D landscapes in two dimensions from an aerial view on graph paper, which proved to be frustrating for them all! After many mistakes, nearly all students created a blocky, 2-D topography. Christie reports that they will tweak these rough maps into rounded, realistic topographical representations.