closure… or not.

It took me the weekend to try and figure out how to write the last blog post of the year – and it’s Monday and I still don’t really know how to say something that sufficiently closes things out in the last blog post of the 2012/2013 school year.


It’s been a whirlwind of a year, filled with triumphs and struggles, trials and tribulations, tears and laughter. Our last day of school was sweet and filled with good feelings about each other and our place as a community and a school in the world.



We ate lunch, courtesy of Debbie and her slew of volunteers, on a long table in the center of the space, had a dance party, signed memory books with parting thoughts and summer wishes, and had a closing circle of appreciations and celebration.






I’ve decided there’s no good way to write a post to find proper closure for a school year. Reflection is sometimes hard to share. And perhaps it’s a little too close to the end to write anything significant or with any wide view. This week, the staff is talking and thinking about the year and figuring out, again and again, how to do things better, and maybe more profound thoughts will come. In the meantime, I’ll say:

Brightworks is a joyfully hard school. The true meaning of those words came to light this year, but we also can state with pure pride that the school is an acknowledgement that education can be different and wonderful and an experience that makes kids happy and excited about their learning. We have so much to do in the upcoming months, but before we get there, we take a moment to celebrate the fact that this little impossible school just kicked and danced its way through a second year. And that’s pretty extraordinary.