community friday

Friday was our first Community Friday of the year! Each Friday is a day of togetherness and activity that supports both the community as a whole and the individual passions of both kids and staff. It’s a day where everyone is encouraged to bring their interests to school and share them with others, and are incorporated into the day whether they are arc-related projects or not.

Highlights of this past Friday:

A birthday circle for Gever!

Morning Circle September 6th 2013

Phillip arrived at school with the idea to build a darkroom under the stairs of the middle/high school bandspace and quickly brought Harry, Josh, and Jack in on the plan. Soon they had covered the whiteboard in sketches of plans, measurements for materials they needed, a multitude of calculations, and an explosion of brainstorming. They consulted with Josh and Sean, our resident builders, on their sketches.

Gever did a physics experiment on the cork floor with Evan, Sadie, and Quinn. They did a series of tests using ball bearings and a piece of plexiglass raised to different slopes to see how the angle changed how far the ball bearings went across the floor.

Debbie, one of our parents, cooked hot lunch for us for after park. Another staple of Community Friday is the hot lunch program that the parents started in our first year. We invite families to come in to school to cook, share favorite family meals and traditions, and sit down with us to enjoy an amazing meal. Kids love to help out with the preparation!