friday experiences

Today – another great Community Friday:

Lili and a group of actors rehearsed a scene and made a plan for creating a play about sirens. They’re planning to write a script, make costumes and a set, and rehearse for several weeks to create a real show!



Sean and Ian are working on a Chromebook way-station so we can all keep track of the pesky laptops that get checked out from the office and never seem to make it back…


Shawna set up clay in the dining room and brought several books in to impart inspiration.



Harry brought his 3D printer to school and asked Phillip to help him get it working again.


The Exploratorium does a Tinkering Social Club every month and invited artist Jesse Genet to do light painting with them. Luckily, we have Gever, an expert in finding expert creative people out in the world and inviting them to school. Jesse visited for the morning and guided groups of kids through the process of making their own clothes using ink and the sun to print pictures on their shirts, using Inkodye to do so. (Check out the website here!)




Josh hosted the first day of Knife Throwing Club, where he will be teaching the kids how to, extremely safely and with widely-known and accepted rules, throw knives. Today they practiced with wood, one at a time, and went over and over what it means to be safe in this club.



Sadie tried to teach Ramses her own version of chess.


Edwin, Bruno and Natasha’s dad, came in to make hot lunch! He made grilled cheese sandwiches of various varieties and food tolerances and tomato soup, and had lots of kid helpers during the morning.