closer to complete

The megaband’s bridge is almost finished! Last week the band spent every day constructing, painting, and discussing their bridge-lifting approaches.

Phillip writes, “The closer the bridge comes to completion, the fewer hands need to be working on it so we split into a morning crew and afternoon crew for bridge work. The team not working on the bridge has been writing a detailed blog post about the construction process as well as finalizing our presentations on bridge research and building ideas.



Gever is our in house expert on bridge raising, so he worked with a small group on Thursday discussing best methods for getting it up there, carefully leading students to the right conclusions with great guided questions and student generated drawings.


By the end of the day Wednesday the bridge was nearly complete, but we found ourselves rushing to meet an early deadline. Max ended up losing control of the drill in an almost-disaster that caused us all to step back, circle up, and discuss the importance of finishing safely and well, rather than on time.


We spent most of Thursday afternoon suited up in Tyvek suits painting the tar out of our bridge as it will be easier to paint on the ground than up in the sky. Hopefully we should have her up by today or tomorrow!”