Documenter Anthony took notes on the projects continuing for today’s Community Friday:

Max and Isaac spent their morning layering vocals and mastering the levels for their song they’ve been composing. They chopped and fitted a new piano part to the existing track – Anthony reports that it sounds amazing.


Lili and her acting gang discussed the fine points of casting and debating ideas for plot turns.



Shawna and a group in the art studio took inspiration from animal pictures in magazines and books to create pictures of lions, bats, and banana slugs with water colors and sharpies. Shawna reported that the group also developed a common language for developing cultural relationships in the art studio, where artists are supportive of each other’s efforts, they consult each other for feedback, stay committed to their process, and keep the art studio clean and ready for use.



Mackenzie and Rhone spent the morning studying the various bird wings and feathers in the science lab, and discussing wing how wing shape relates to birds’ abilities in flight. They went on a short bird watching excursion as well.


The Pieworks team and I (Justine) did a first round of pie baking today. The kids chopped apples, figured out ways to roll out pie crust and line the mason jars – harder than they expected, but they handled it better than I expected them to! – and did a taste test at the end of the day.



Christie and Ellen led an embroidery and collage making workshop, working on postcards, sewn letters, and mountains of cool pictures for inspiration.



Sean, Jack, and Ian continued work on the bridge project for their band, after realizing that they couldn’t continue making the steps for the bridge until they figured out how long the platform needed to be and where the anchoring points would be. It was a beautiful morning of drilling, chopsawing, and figuring out where to best secure the walkway to allow for maximum weight bearing.



Thank you to Anthony for great notes and pictures from today!