A clock counting tick-tock tick-tock, a heartbeat beating thump-thump, thump-thump, a pendulum swinging back and forth, back and forth – regular consistent measurements that beat, tick, thump, swing through our lives, counting moments short and long. The clock is the subject of our next arc of study, and with it the perception of time, the way it moves differently at so many moments in our lives, changes according to the season or the person, and creates regularity in the way we live.


This morning Gever gave us a formal introduction of our second arc of the year in a quiet moment marked by the sound of a ticking clock that matched a heartbeat. He talked about the way time can shrink and stretch depending on where we are and what the situation is. It was a kind of ethereal introduction with the sun streaming in and a Brightworks-style log pendulum swinging back and forth as Gever poetically, through careful words and a little Alice in Wonderland, brought us into a new mindset in thinking about clocks and that elusive, human-made idea – time.


Today is the beginning of exciting times (pun intended) here at Brightworks. We like to use the first day of the arc to come together and imagine the possibilities, open the doors to new ideas, and get thoughts roiling with curiosity. With our minds tuned to time and listening closely to the ticking of clocks, we’re ready for a new phase of Exploration.