Proposing Community Friday activities has become so popular that there may soon be more provocations than kids available to do them! It’s a generally successful day overall, but today was especially lovely with all the kid-proposed activities that were actually better attended than the ones that the adults were leading.




One of the projects that appealed to kids of all ages today was Max and Isaac’s video making challenge. During the last school year Max directed, filmed, and edited a short video (called “How We Reacted”) all in a single day and showed it at the end of school. He was going to do another during the same year, but was devastated by a lost film accident that put him off the idea for a while. Today, however, he and Isaac reinvigorated that project and invited kids to come up to the mezzanine to make a plan and do some acting.


They trooped down to the garage to film, of course respecting the vehicles parked down there as they worked.


Shawna, who accompanied them, said she heard the kids getting inspired by the angles, the brightness of a white wall, a spider they found, Ramses and Sadie’s movements and expressions, the exit sign, and the storage units.


She also said there were great dynamics between all the kids, as well as between Max and Isaac who were co-directors and co-filmmakers.


After Community Lunch, they showed the movie in the quiet room to the whole school. All editing had been done in the morning and early afternoon, and Max and Isaac also composed the music. We were all impressed! Max explained that the idea was about kids trapped by their lack of school supplies or curiosity, perhaps, and that when Sadie and Ramses ran through the scenes, they were re-inspiring the other kids to come alive again. The filmmakers and actors were on hand to answer questions and we watched it one more time. Well done, everyone! I’ll put up a link to it once it’s been posted.


We’re off for Thanksgiving break next week. Happy Thanksgiving and happy Hanukah!