hands-on research

Important research happens through books and written resources, but it’s just as important for kids to experience things for themselves to find out what it all really means. The Brightworks kids are becoming adept researchers no matter where they are by asking questions, taking notes, and reflecting on how what they just discovered connects to what they’re trying to learn or what they didn’t know they didn’t know. The Expression phase lends itself to hands-on research that focuses the kids’ minds on the ideas that closely relate to their projects.

The Hawks and the Hummingbirds visited the Exploratorium yesterday to do targeted research of ball runs and chain reactions, and the sun and seasons. As always, they had a great time!





Rhone takes notes on the next steps in his project with Norabelle. They are working on creating a game where players earn clock parts every time they answer a clock-related question correctly.


Frances and Audrey successfully prototype an orrery. They had become slightly discouraged at the complexity of this project when they watched this youtube video, but as they thought more about it and watched the video over and over to see the component parts working together, they were able – with Sean’s help – to create an arm on an axle that swung in a large circle. The solar system isn’t far away!



Bruno learns how to clean up his welds with the angle grinder on a practice piece before he starts on his metal sundial.