project progress

Deep in project mode, some updates from Expression phase:

Carrie from Partch Labs in Santa Cruz visited the school today to speak to the kids. She’s an expert in clock proteins and clock genes inside the body that regulate circadian rhythms and was discovered through Jack’s project research.


Max has been working on a camera dolly to help him during his film-making project.


The Hummingbirds continue to experiment with ball runs and ping-pong ball timers using ramps and angles.


Josh, Frances, Rhone, and Jane initiated a petition to ask the city of San Francisco to repeal the tree-climbing ban. You can sign their petition and get more information here!


Clementine and Lola created the second iteration of their ball run timer.


Sean and Quinn discussed the finer points of clock escapements.


Audrey and Frances made great progress on their orrery by building another draft and adding their first object in space: the sun!