go extinct on kickstarter

One of our community mentors, Ariel, a biologist and science educator who served as an expert during the Clocks arc, just launched her all-new card game, Go Extinct! on Kickstarter.

It takes Go Fish to the next level by teaching players about evolution. The Megaband students worked with Ariel quite a few times during the last arc to playtest and work on the details of Go Extinct! They wrote a ton about it on their school blogs! As Ariel told us, the kids gave high value feedback on early iterations of the game and helped work on the details. They even star in the Kickstarter video and in pictures throughout the page.

For her Clocks arc project, Jane created her own Cat Family version of Go Extinct! – and she is featured on the Kickstarter page. Jane’s design process began with parsing a primary scientific article published in Science and ended with her designing the board game colors and card flavor text. Ariel and her team took inspiration from their work with her and are offering five backers for the project an opportunity to design their own expansion pack.

In order to be successful, the Kickstarter campaign must reach $15,000 before May 31st. You can pledge and get an early copy of the game on the page here. Help support this great resource and awesome game!