We Will Rock You: Red Band

This past week we spent our time learning about the cycle of a rock and the three major types of rocks. We examined a diagram of the rock cycle and learned about pressure, heat, and compaction. We then put our new terms to the test with crayon rocks. We started by weathering our crayons into tiny pieces.


We then used some tools to apply pressure and chunk our pieces together.


Finally we used a familiar machine, the microwave, to heat up our waxy rocks.

We also had the opportunity for cross-age activities this week. Teaming up with the Violet band we observed and created igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.


We reviewed and applied our new rock cycle terms to create chocolate igneous rocks, lego sedimentary rocks, and latke metamorphic rocks.


We learned that igneous rocks take more than a few hours to cool and form a solid rock. We practiced patience after forming our metamorphic rocks while they fried and cooled. We learned that sedimentary rocks are made of many different pieces.