We kicked off the Human Arc with our first writing prompt, Who are you? Each kid had their own interpretation of an answer to this question, ranging from physical descriptions, to our name, to the things we like. We followed this up with our first brainstorm on “What we know about and Want to know about” humans. Then we wrote in response to the prompt, What do you do? The responses ranged from what we can do, to what we like to do, and ideas about what we could do.


Parts and More Parts; and excerpts on skin, hair, and nails from The Magic School Bus Presents: The Human Body and From Head to Toe by Barbara Seuling and Edward Miller.

This arc will start with a biography book club with Chartreuse and Orange. To prepare we spent a morning in the library searching through the shelves to find books on people and topics we are interested in. We have artists, change-makers, scientists, and explorers. As a band we have read Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself and excerpts from Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids. We channeled our inner artists to create our own self portraits and put on our scientist spectacles to investigate prisms. We will continue to explore biographies together as the arc continues. This study has spurred our interest in learning about others through interviews.


We started our interview process by reflecting on the information we learned through our biographies. After sharing a section of Meanwhile in San Francisco, we decided we could visit different places in San Francisco and conduct interviews. We started in our neighborhood and were lucky to have a chocolate tasting at Charles’ Chocolates. We interviewed Chuck and learned about his love of chocolate, his family, and how to make dark, milk, and white chocolates. During the second round of interviews, Nathan and the Red Band took a stroll down 20th Street and dropped into a few local businesses to interview owners, employees, and community members.


Our exploration is already full of projects including our interviews, a chair rebuild for The Benches Garden, and a human body. Stay tuned to see our progress and follow our investigations of humans at #humansofbwx on Instagram.