Indigo Blast-Off!

This week, Indigo Band has been journaling, developing group agreements on how we treat one another and the space, setting up accounts for the various services we use in the band, completing design challenges around flight, and learning how to prototype in cardboard. The kids set goals for themselves in various areas of their lives and got to know one another better. 

Quite a discussion! The kids’ interpretations of our goals are on the right.

Working with Amber has been great for many of the kids who have friends in different bands and has been an opportunity for those new to Brightworks to interact with a larger community. Megan and I have been working closely to make sure the kids get a chance to spend time as a larger group to foster friendships outside of their bands while still making sure they get Indigo-only time as well.   In the afternoons, Amber and Indigo (henceforth referred to as Ambigo) have been completing design challenges to foster teamwork and collaboration as well as emphasizing the importance of delegating tasks. The kids working in pairs to create a parachute in the wind tunnel that hovered in a given area. They next day they worked in triads experimenting with the structure and capabilities of cardboard.

The girls managed to get their parachute to stay in the target area

Using scoring to create a 3D shape was one of the challenges

We closed out the week playing “Buildtionary” with cardboard, using the skills learned on Thursday to create a creature based on nouns and adjectives pulled out of a hat. It quite impressive what they were able to make in the time we had. They only had a little over an hour from start to finish!

Dash, Oscar, and Kaia showing off their finished product

Owen and Rhone add a stabalizing piece to the back of their Penguin

Next week is Kite Week for the majority of bands at BWX. We will be learning about the history of kites, geometry of kites, making kites from scratch, reading Dragonwings together, going to SFMOMA, visiting a kite store, and flying kites together as a school on Bernal Hill (wind permitting). I have a feeling Kite Week might run long!