By Sea: Expression, In Full Swing

For the past few weeks, Orange Band students have put their time, energy, and hearts into Expression projects for the Movement of Things By Sea Arc. This, our third and final arc, definitely has a culminating feel to it. Projects truly seem to build off the year’s experiences–not just the Exploration work of this arc, but the previous arc’s project work, as well. And, so, without further ado, please enjoy the By Sea Arc Projects of the Orange Band!

Fur the seals

By Charlotte

My project is a podcast about northern fur seals, I chose it because I like fur seals and it relates to the by sea arc because northern fur seals live in the sea! They travel by sea around a quarter of the world!

Fun fact: They are the second most furriest animal on earth! They have 300,000 hairs per square inch. The males live to be 10 years old then they die, whereas the females live to be 20-27! Females are much smaller compared to males: females get to be 4 feet long and males get to be 6 feet long and longer!

My goal for this project is to teach people about northern fur seals and inspire them to help them rebuild their population. I want to help people understand the importance of just one animal, because it can change other animals that we depend on! We need to help fur seals, and other animals that can depend on animals that are crucial to humans.

P.S. My project will cost… about… maybe $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 plus tax and other things like that.

P.P.S. Nah… it is worth more than that. Maybe $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 uhhh that does include tax but it doesn’t include getting a special box for it. And maybe an extra large car… no… truck. And you’ll need two… no… three. Anyway, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!

P.P.P.S. Oh and you can get it on eBay. It costs more on eBay. But you know, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

The argonauts waste a lot of valuable time struggling

By Lucy

The Argo on the set

My project is a stop motion of the Argo’s journey. Phoebe and I are working together to create this film. We chose to make a stop motion about the Argonauts and their journey because we both love Greek mythology and thought it would be fun to make a stop motion. Our project relates to the by sea arc because the Argo was a Greek ship that sailed across the black sea to Colchis to retrieve the golden fleece for Jason’s home town Iolcus. Our project has value because the story of the golden fleece was first told over 2,000 years ago and phoebe and I are retelling it in 2017 and it started in 200 BCE! Our  project is probably going to teach us about the Argonauts and stop motion we will learn to work well together and other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoebe and I painting the set

Jeevan By Sea

My project is a hovercraft. I chose this project because I thought it would be a challenge to hover something over water. Water is not flat, hard, still, or smooth. My project relates to the by sea arc because it is a hovercraft that hovers over water. Water is a different surface than land. In water everything has to be even so it doesn’t tip over. You cannot make a land hover craft and put it over water. It would tip over. My project will teach me a lot about balancing airflow and air pressure. Instead of making something that goes in water, and is affected by water I am making something that goes over water, and  is still affected by water. I made a land hovercraft and I put it over  water and it tipped over. I tried it multiple times but nothing changed. At the beginning of the arc we went on boats. All the boats we went on had to displace their own weight in water. I wanted to make something that could go on water without displacing their own weight in water. That’s how I decided to make a hovercraft.

Project Defense

By Amiya

Me practicing filming with a green-screen

For my project, I am making a shipwreck documentary  featuring the Andrea Doria and the Titanic. I am aiming to make the video at least 15 minutes long. I chose this project because I am fascinated with accidental and mysterious shipwrecks, and I would like to know more. I also have never made a documentary before, so it will teach me some new skills about filming and editing video. Originally, It was going to be drawing animations with the Titanic, Lusitania, and Andrea Doria, but I did not get enough project time in the first two weeks. Now, even with more project time, I will have to do a few drawings, but only for the wrecks and Lego stop motion for the sinkings. 

Me drawing the wreck of the Titanic

Though part of the reason I chose this project was because I really like drawing, I am still excited about the project. The two shipwrecks that I am doing are my favorites because not only are they very famous, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding their sinkings. Even today, scientists can only guess about exactly how the Titanic sank since no one took any pictures or video of it sinking. The Andrea Doria was filmed sinking, but still there are some things that scientists do not know. This project is worthy of my time as it is something that I am very passionate about, and when I have a choice, I choose to work on my documentary. As I mentioned before, I have never made a documentary, so this is a chance to learn new skills such as editing film. This project is related to by sea because it is about ships that sank, which used to move by-sea, and are now part of the ocean.

Me meeting with my expert


By Phoebe

I love the idea of supernatural beings controlling nature. The ancient Greeks made myths up so they could explain natural phenomenon that they could not explain.  My project is a stop motion about the Argo and its journey. Lucy is working on it with me.  I chose it because I like Greek mythology it’s also  one of my favorites myth and it’s by sea.  I will learn what I can in a few weeks deadline. We are not making the full film because it would be too much work in few days.


My Cardboard Boat

By Roman

My project is building a cardboard boat. I chose this project because I wanted to have a boat, a fun time, and a cool project. This project relates to the By Sea Arc because I get to go out on the water and feel proud about accomplishing building a boat in a short amount of time. Also I will tell my family that I built a boat and make them proud. The value of this project is building a boat that doesn’t sink and getting more into boat building. I will test the boat in a pool or a river. Another value is that I can build a boat in a survival situation and I could save my life from that. I think this project is important because I will have project that connects to this arc.

Roman carefully cuts paddles out of plywood on the band saw

Band saw practice breaks up the cardboard construction


My Arc Project

By Justin

I am making a boat out of coroplast and wood for my project. The sides are made out of coroplast and the bottom is made out of wood. It is 8 feet long and 2 feet 6 in wide. It was supposed to have a motor originally but it is not going to. I am going to take it to Jenner to test it. I think that building a boat is a good by sea project because we use boats for crossing water. It is a good project because I will learn about building and waterproofing structures and I will get a boat.