Cloth Update and Tool Training

The hive has been so lucky to have Daniel Gill, a master puppeteer, visit the hive once a week to make different kinds of puppets and show us how to tell stories with them.

Last week, Daniel brought some marionettes!

This week, Daniel taught us how to make our own marionettes.

Now that we’ve begun tool training, we can begin to work on our second iteration of the puppet theater.

Speaking of tool training, Sylvester shows us proper eye protection while using a clamp.

Before the tool challenge, we practiced using the drill to make holes and drive screws. We’re working hard on keeping control of the drill and using two hands.

Dash loves drilling holes!

This week, our tool challenge was to build a cube using drills, clamps, and your team.

Just because you’re not using a tool doesn’t mean you can’t help. Calvin held wood for his team so it wouldn’t slide around so much while driving screws into it.


In other news…

We began writing “small moment” stories about things that happen in our lives. A small moment isn’t a big long story about your day or the trip you took on vacation. A small moment is one part of your day, like breakfast or going to the park.

Khalilah noticed she needed a better spot for writing so we started finding comfortable writing places around the band space where people could work.

Ronin is writing a story about New Zealand.

Dash is writing about moving into the Sunset house. He’s really excited about his families’ new home.

We’re also exploring place value and addition during centers. For this activity, kiddos are building structures from base-ten blocks and adding them up.