The Yellow Band explores mapping

Exploring and Creating Maps

With the opening of the City arc, the Yellow Band is beginning to learn about our surrounding neighborhood by mapping our street at Brightworks.  So far, we’re just starting on Bryant between 18th and Mariposa, but hopefully we’ll map even more of the neighborhood.

Before making our map we played a drawing game called WhatchamaDRAWit.

Then, we got to work figuring out how many squares each building should be. If Starbucks is five squares, how many do you think the Hive needs to be?

“What’s next to the Hive? Oh yeah, that workout place. What’s it called?”

Exploring Maps

After taking a bus tour around San Francisco, we reflected on our trip and circled the places we remembered seeing.

Ronin and Hayes look for places they remembered seeing on the bus.

How Many Feet?

Many kiddos liked to try multiple strategies for figuring out the distance between 18th and Mariposa Street.  Here are some of the ways we tried: counting foot by foot, counting by tallying hundreds, counting how many steps in one sidewalk square and then count how many sidewalk squares long the block is.  Kiddos realized that amounts will be different depending on the size of your foot and the way you’re taking steps.  If you’re just walking with a regular stride it will take less steps than heel-to-toe. If you have a big feet, it will take less steps for you as well.  Yellow Banders thought of  ways to make measuring this distance more accurate and realized that even if we measured the sidewalk squares with measuring tape and add it all up, some of the squares are different sizes, so we’d have to count them seperately or come up with a different strategy.

Estimations and Strategies.

Counting our steps in different ways


For fun…

Abir helps Nathan build our side of the street using Magnatiles. Can you spot the Orchard? Hint: it’s definitely not the tallest building on the block.

Until next time!