Passion Podcast Project, producing radio bios of inspiring people

The project idea was straightforward: we wanted students to interview people that followed their passions, took the unconventional path, or decided to work in service of the greater good of an SF-based community. Audio recordings of these interviews would then get transformed into radio story profiles of our interviewees. The resulting podcast stories were just as important as students finding a well-matched interviewee: someone who does that thing the students personally care about, as a way to connect with their own passions and learn from their example.

We started by asking students “what are you passionate about?” or if not passion, “what are you curious about?”

We then asked them to seek out non-profits, companies, or professionals who do these things in their day-to-day lives, to reach out to them, and find someone specific to interview.

Mackenzie dissects her radio story with Magenta.

Mackenzie dissects her radio story with Magenta.

This project stretched out over six weeks and every workshop started with listening to a radio story. We dissect them; pulling apart what was the best parts and the hidden structures of the start or ending to the story.

Each workshop built specific skills and provided tools for students to use in the completion of the work due at the start of the proceeding workshop.

Our Final Podcasts:

Our students interviewed so many fascinating people: a local artist/advocate, the Chief Medical Examiner of SF, an experimental musician, a suicide prevention counselor,  a professional treehouse builder, and more. Then through lessons, peer and collaborator critique, and hours of effort, the students produced the following series of radio stories.

We’ve collected them here as the Passion Podcast Project. Listen below or Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!