Our Community is a Rainbow

The last two weeks Blue Band has been busy answering two questions. The first question come from one of the kids asking me months ago “in Rainbow Arc are we going to study diversity?” This has lead us to try and answer “how is our community a rainbow?” We have also been looking at another student’s question “why is mixing paint different then mixing light?” Here’s our journey:

We started by mixing different colors for a twister board.
Each of our colors got a fun and fitting name.
Then we looked at pictures of the neighborhood and talk about the difference of directly observing something and growing an idea about something (making an inference).
Then we went to the murals on Balmy Alley to try out our observational skills.

We also went hunting for rainbows on a scavenger hunt.
Which included buying snacks to share.
Then we wrote interview questions to ask neighbors and tried out these questions on other kids at school.
Then we walked around the neighborhood interviewing anyone we could!
Before we talked about what role our interviewees have and what groups they belong to, we started with ourselves.
And then closly rewatched our interviews to describe what is importent to the person.
Lastly we made 1st iteration portraits so we could get ready to introduce our neighbors.
Our 1st iterations are do and blue banders are ready to make a big, paintfilled version!