Red 🌈s

🌈 has been a most exciting time in the #brightworksbeehive. We spent our first day of our this arc rainbow spotting at SFMOMA.

Morris Louis, untitled and Icee

Our initial brainstorm inquires about form, color, and of course, treasure.

#brightworksbeehive 🌈 brainstorm
welcome to our 🌈

In #bwxred we are hitting the ground running trying to answer some of our questions such as: Why is a 🌈 called a rainbow? Why do they come up in the sky and not down on the floor? Why does the the 🌈 have to have all of the colors of a rainbow? And Why do the colors of the 🌈 have a certain pattern?

#spoileralert 🌈s are circles

This arc we are using journals to track our exploration. We began by reading Eric Carle and Friends’ What’s Your Favorite Color? Next we entered our favorites into our journals. We then had our first art class with Zina and learned about primary colors and rainbow colors but making our own color wheel. Taking what we had initially hypothesized about rainbows (they get their name from their shape and the rain) and applying what we have previously learned about the Earth, we decided:

A rainbow is a circle of blended colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple/violet) made from sunlight and rain.

It looks like a bow because of the horizon- where the land meets the sky.

#bwxred, 2019 with help from our moms and dads and the book Rainbows Never End by Laura Lyn DiSiena

This week we explored prisms and how they separate the color spectrum found within white light. We experimented with different lights and prism shapes, then with different materials and properties like plastic, opacity, and iridescence.

We spent the week learning about light refraction
Moving on to light reflection

We have also explored 🌈 with lots of paint explorations! From the use of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple to create pulled and marbled rainbows. After learning of primary and secondary colors we’ve created our own colors, shared works, and scraped together more colors and patterns. 🌈 has inspired all of us to try on new hats- poet, painter, engineer, gardener, and scientist. I can’t wait to see where it takes us next!

Color mixing and scrape painting