Year 1, Arc 3: Motion

6733634297_fbf74c4017_z The school spent more time in their bands and developing deeper interpersonal relationships with peers during Motion, the third arc of the year. With an increase in band-centered time, the students were able to dive deeper into age-appropriate exposures to reading and writing, and the increased routine within their day allowed them to become more secure in the Brightworks environment. The Flying Fish explored concepts of flight through their love of paper airplanes, feeling the effects of lift, drag, and tilt as they experimented with paper airplane building indoors, at parks, in various wind conditions. As a larger group, they collaborated on an air show to demonstrate the properties of flight they had learned, as well as their grasp on counting: chairs, entrance tickets, taking turns. The Ninja Cats explored concept of gravity, momentum, and potential energy through experiments at the park on the monkey bars and the swings, feeling their effects on their bodies and on pendulums as they moved around and tested objects according to the laws of physics. The Undead Goats explored filmmaking and high-speed photography while working with equations and concepts for potential energy, kinetic energy, horizontal projectile motion and vertical projectile motion. In small groups or individually, they worked on various projects to represent their understanding of motion or apply the principles they had learned.

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