Year 1, Arc 4: Locomotion


The three bands took three different approaches to the study of Locomotion. The Flying Fish examined how birds are able to fly and were exposed to aspects of birds’ life cycles, habitats, feeding, and breeding, and integrated their understanding of the concepts of flight into the world of birds. The group took their role as expert ornithologists very seriously, and looked at the world in a new way while on walks, hikes, and field trips. The Ninja Cats were exposed to traversing the city on foot, by bicycle, in cars, on buses, on horses and on cable cars. They explored time and measured great distances like the circumference of the United States and the small distances of city blocks around the school. The Undead Goats explored the component parts of bicycles and bicycle repair, while taking multiple bike rides per week to become street and hill savvy within the city limits. Each group took on collaborative projects during the Expression phase and provided them with the opportunity to share language around how to be sensitive of other people’s ideas and effectively collaborated on their projects with guidance as well as allowing them to see a project through to the end and confirm their understanding that they can work together to accomplish big things, whether it be collaborative plays or sixty-four mile bike rides.

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