Year 9: Circle

For the 2019/2020 school year, we take the idea of a CIRCLE as our meta arc. As a metaphor, the circle evokes closure, completeness, the cyclic nature of human existence, the sense of being whole. Pythagoras considered the circle to be the most perfect thing in the universe and evidence that there was order even when facing chaos. In nature, the circle is second only to the line.

Inspired by the events of the past year, our first Arc will be NEST; a chance to make a new home in a new location. A nest is a safe and cozy place, and like the bowerbirds of Paupau, New Guinea, we will co-build and decorate our nests in our quintessentially Brightworksian ways.

Building on the idea of gathering together, we start our second Arc with TABLE, a place where we come together and share. Tables are functional, pragmatic, sturdy, and so much a part of our homes that we hardly notice them – and yet if they were not there we would see the void instantly. As a provocation, a table is definitionally slippery, requires precision to construct, and disappears when it is being used. We “come to the table” to work things out, “table this discussion” when we postpone difficult decisions.

The closing chapter of our triptych is SONG, an activity we share with others. More than just words and music, a song is a thing in and of itself – complete and sometimes perfect. We have been singing since we evolved as humans, use “harmony” as a metaphor for peace and collaboration, sing with each other in good times and bad. A song can move us to tears, lift our spirits, or annoy us to no end. There are songs that go in circles and have no endings. There are moments that are made more perfect because a certain song started playing. There is a monastery where a song has been continuously sung for over one hundred years. We will deconstruct and write songs, make instruments, analyze songs as an artform, a business, a hobby.