Violet Band – Group Class

One of the things a lot of the Violet Band said when listing their goals for the year was experience teaching and mentoring. Brightworks is a good space for that – it’s filled with curious, interesting minds of all ages. And we’ll work on being community members and mentors for the younger bands.

What’s even harder, though, is leading a class with your peers.

And so the Violet Band Group Class was created. Every day after lunch, we’ll spend a half an hour on a student-selected and student-led study. Each “class” will last two weeks, and we’ll shuffle to the next one.

To start, my two weeks of “Sample Group Class” – a nonfiction literary study on information consumption and critical understanding. And while I led today’s class, I created a guideline and template for how to lead future classes, and we discussed ways in which they can lead their own sessions.

And then I passed the other chapters off to the group.

The book is Thomas Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor. And our schedule is as follows:

To help prepare for full group class, each session leader of our sample class gets to create their own lesson – introduction, meat, practice, closing – and lead the discussion around the chapter.

I really love this book, and as the BWXian high schoolers work to become quicker observers and more intentional writers, I feel like the book unlocks a lot of mysteries and deeper meaning in content. It is exciting.

Brightworks is always full of excitement, though. In addition to group class, today we got first-hand favorite Rock thoughts from a geologist, explored independent learning pathways, had SketchArt session one, and designed iteration two of the (standard, regular, but with a kid-attached motor) motorized wheelchair.

Check it out:



Violet Band First Days

The school is most magical when it’s full of kids.

The Violet Band is exploring and creating what it means to be a high school. For starters, we came up with our band rules. Everyone made their own lists of truths and expectations for the group. We decided on the following:
  • Respect each other
  • Respect property
  • Respect language 
  • Respect space
  • Be a community member
  • Be curious
  • Personal hygiene
  • Listen to and think about what each other has to say 
  • Keep secrets 
  • Clean up 
  • Have open mental health chats 
Every member of Violet Band created their own BWX blog to document their learning and exploration and to begin their own digital portfolio. We ended the day with drafting our own personal learning plan / goals for high school.
And we set up our cafe today. ;*