8602089934_ee3c7bd94b Education is a disruptive technology. Studies of divergent-thinking show that by some measures children lose more than 80% of their creative capacity by the time they leave high school. A pedagogy that successfully fosters and develops creative capacity while instilling the habits of life-long learning and tenacity has the potential to create more opportunity than any other change to society.
7133749825_5383f7f173At a time when everyone knows that something is wrong with education, when the only answers seem to be “more homework” and “more testing,” Brightworks represents a potentially revolutionary new approach. In the past fifty years, we have consistently reduced our expectations in terms of what we think children are capable of. Tinkering School was an experiment in resetting those expectations; in the children who attended and the parents who enrolled them. Brightworks builds on those successes and shows that children are not only more capable, but actually excited to take on bigger, more sophisticated projects, in an engaging hands-on learning environment. To many, from Sir Ken Robinson, to Dale Dougherty, editor of Make magazine, to the thousands of people who have watched videos of Gever Tulley’s TED presentations, the Arc is a compelling and intuitively better approach to educating children – one with the potential to spread around the globe.

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