IMG_0707To further break down the walls that often separate school from the world, we invite artists, engineers, makers, writers, and craftspeople from all over the Bay Area to come into the school to use it like their own studio for a week. Makers and artists are given free reign to do and make and create as they please, surrounded by the bustle of the school. Students stop by to peek in on what the maker is doing with the understanding that each maker will have different levels of interaction with their visitors. Sometimes the students might be watching, other times they might be collaborating, or they could be apprenticing alongside the maker for the week. Our artists- and makers-in-residence love what they do and follow their interests, providing their own inspiration for our students who see them in action and become inspired to work on projects of their own. 8664142724_5b22cd5842

Artists in our society often lead invisible lives, studios and workspaces tucked away from casual observation. Our artist-in-residence program is designed to make the life and work of the artist visible and accessible to students (shouldn’t we all aspire to be artists at some point in our childhoods?) – art and artists seen as part of the fabric of everyday possibility.

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