Previous Makers-in-Residence

Brian Enright

Fall 2011 and on-going
A sculptor, interior designer, and teacher of metal-working at The Crucible, the exuberantly mustachioed Brian Enright spent two weeks welding metal and assembling and grinding wooden scraps into evocative objects that were at once recognizable as human artifacts but perhaps borrowed from a world similar to, but not quite like, ours. He continues to visit, inspire, and construct objects of curiosity at our school. He also built our classroom spaces and the administrative office. Visit his website:

Nicole Catrett

Fall 2011
Exhibit developer and resident artist at the Exploratorium, Nicole Catrett is a prolific maker of whimsical delights and deeply engaging hands-on learning experiences. A favorite quote from Nicole; “I strive to be a fearless tryer of things that may or may not work.” From her floating snowflake tiaras to our beloved plastic spoon chandelier, Nicole’s work with the students explored the artistic and scientific potential of simple, accessible materials. Visit her website:

Roland Blandy

Fall 2011
Sculptor and photographer Roland Blandy brought discarded typewriters, driftwood, and peculiarly mundane flotsam scrounged from garage sales and dumpsters to the studio and proceeded to carefully deconstruct them with the help of two or three insatiably curious students. Little did they know that they had been roped into a mad scientist’s experiment in creating new life forms! Roland showed us that inside every discarded electromechanical device is a creature with a story to be told. Visit his website:

Tim Falconer

Winter 2012
Tim is a maker and electrician who successfully wired our kitchen for power and redid the entire electrical system for our school building. His project as Maker-in-Residence was to use our habitat space to further develop his Bili Lights – an affordable, open source version of a previously expensive medical device that Tim hopes will allow more babies access to treatment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Pavi Mehta

Fall 2012
Pavi is a trained sculptor by trade and a puppeteer who came to work with us in October. She has worked at the summer theater group Bread and Puppet and directed a puppet show in a burned-out church in Cleveland. While she was here, she created dozens of puppet masks for a show in San Francisco about the meat market crash in the 1930’s.

Debi Daübl

Winter 2013
Debi is a textile artist from Austria who studied Reggio Emilia education for seven years, was a teacher for three years, and is a design architecture artist. During her time at Brightworks, she worked with the kids on designing board games and created art-based experiences for the kids centering on the sweatshop industry in Asia as a part of the Fairness arc.

Jacqueline Norheim

Spring 2013
8664143720_22f1a7cc67 Jacqueline turned a blank wooden box into a studio filled with color and lines during her time as artist-in-residence, and not only displayed works-in-progress but also included the students seeing and understanding in the process of creating art. While she painted, she invited them to paint. When she drew, she invited them to draw. And she inspired several budding artists along the way. You can see examples of her work on her website:

Caroline Martin

Spring 2013
Caroline is a comic-book artist and friend to the school. During her time in the artist studio, she mentored our students in the art of comics, from storyboarding to sketching to inking.

Winston Wolff

Fall 2013
Building electric circuits and watching them glow warmly or melt down in spark showers and plumes of smoke are the topic of Winston Wolff’s latest educational game, polished and tested in Brightworks’ art box this season. Winston Wolff is a game programmer and designer and says, “I love learning, especially when it involves taking something apart. I was always bored with school and I’m trying, like Brightworks, to devise fun new ways to learn.”

Kate Nakamura

Spring 2014