How We Learn

Learning happens everywhere: at school, at home, out in the world. At Brightworks, we bridge the gaps between those three places in a child’s life by fostering a mindset of curiosity and interest and an environment of exploring and questioning at school that weaves learning and life experiences together. A cornerstone of the Brightworks education is helping children understand that their learning is a lifelong process that happens everywhere they go.

We work to help the students see school as being part of the community, country, and world. In practice, this means leaving the school frequently and easily when the need or opportunity arises, and welcoming outside experts and community members. Within the school, students are organized in mixed-age bands and are encouraged to pursue projects with partners of different ages, genders, and skill levels.

Learn more:

  • The arc is how we structure our curriculum and think about the pedagogy.
  • Students work in mixed-aged bands in their everyday life at Brightworks.
  • Our teachers are called collaborators to remind us that learning happens by working together.
  • Various program components bring us together as a learning community and provide opportunities to dig deep.