High School

Brightworks offers a rigorous and student-focused four-year high school program that allows our students to develop their strengths and follow their interests through interdisciplinary project work, small group discussion, and guidance to develop their own independent learning plans and goals. At Brightworks, high school students are the authors of their educational experience, based on their visions of their own lives and goals.

High school students embark on four years of deep inquiry, collaboration through trust and creativity, and become capable, adaptable citizens of the world who know themselves emotionally and academically. Whatever their path after graduation, a Brightworks student will be willing to take risks, seek passion, find empathy for others, and always think big.

Our curriculum, which follows the same arc-based format as the middle and lower schools at Brightworks, gives each student the time to iterate what they do and how they do it, and our small collaborator-to-student ratios (groups of 8-10 mixed-age students) allows us to focus on learning in all forms so that we honor students for who they are, how they learn, and who they strive to be.

Through project-based curriculum and interest-driven learning, high schoolers become independent learners and drive their own education by seeing their goals come to fruition in a combination of encouragement, challenge, and hard work. We support each learner by providing clear and flexible boundaries in order scaffold the development of autonomy, ultimately so that they chart their own path through their Brightworks High School experience and beyond.

School days are a combination of subject study, community service, internship or apprenticeship experience, and independent project work time. Collaborators provide the constraints and manage expectations, as well as aid in logistics for contacting experts and time off campus that also contributes to meaningful work time. Together, students and collaborators discuss, question, and consider, aiming to keep their minds open to changing opinions and new ideas in a small school community and the larger, complex world.

Upon graduation, our students are required to have completed four years of high school with demonstrated proficiency in the humanities, arts, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, and engineering; a total of twelve final projects during each arc of their four years; and at least 200 hours of community service.

By the end of their four years at Brightworks High School, our students emerge with a clarity of purpose and personal drive that supports their success in whatever path they choose following graduation. As a nontraditional, experimental program, we know that our school is not for everyone – but students who choose Brightworks will find themselves in a community that takes their work seriously, that values hard thinking and new ways of expressing those thoughts, and that loves learning.

Interested in checking out the Brightworks High School program? Join us for a prospective student visit day!

Tuesday, October 29 – 9:00-11:30am
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