Wednesday was all about transportation. How do you get such a large population around a city to everyone’s particular, singular destination? The kids began their study by visiting the Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse. They learned about Andrew Hallidie, the inventor of the cable car, and Friedel Klussmann, who helped save the cable cars of San Francisco.

But first, the older kids debated whether every invention should be patented, or if all information and ideas should be free-access.


The debate got a little heated.


Then everyone hopped on one of the most accessible of transportation options, the Muni bus, to head down to the cable car museum.


They met Joe Thompson, whose website is so packed in a wonderful way with ideas and history and stories about cable cars that we couldn’t resist asking him to join the kids as they explored.


Questions for Joe included: How did people go to the bathroom? What’s the top speed of a cable car? Have there ever been cable car explosions?


Why, yes, there has been a cable car explosion before: in New York, but only because they were carrying a wood stove in winter time.


The kids were enthralled by the constant spinning of the gears that pull cables along and make the cars move.





There was a clean-up crew down below the cables clearing up all the debris that the cable cars drag in during their days of service.


The kids headed out to the park with Joe and asked more questions. They’re learning how to interact with experts by brainstorming questions before arriving at their destination and thinking about what they’d like to learn before they get there.


And of course there was a break for play.


Nothing’s better than sliding down the banister!


Back at school there was a moment of reflection…


…and illustrating…


…before construction began on the maze-city.



the first day

The first day. The first year.

The space was miraculously clean overnight.

Happy birthday and happy first day, Gever!

The tables were ready for drawing and lunch.

We’re ready.

The first morning circle.

The kids lost no time and explored the neighborhood, including the MUNI bus depot just up the street…

…some weird things…

and the local fauna…

…before becoming sunscreen warriors and heading inside for lunch.

They made a human maze out of masking tape…

…with warnings of peril ahead.

They flew across Google Earth.

What an amazing first day.

And we get to do it again tomorrow!