Our Home

Brightworks is housed in a 9,000 square foot warehouse with 18-foot ceilings in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco. A former factory space for Best Foods Mayonnaise, our school has morphed from an empty warehouse with a bare-concrete floor to an ever-flexible school designed to be changeable depending on what the children and the arc curriculum call for.


1960 Bryant Street, April 2011


November, 2011

The Brightworks home provides students with two-story work and meeting spaces for each band, a paint and construction paper-filled art studio, an observation science lab stocked with magnifying glasses and magnets, a workshop with real tools for kid use, a library with quiet space for reading, a no-shoes cork floor for movement and play, a fabrication lab with a laser cutter, and a kitchen and dining room for community gatherings and lunch.


Brightworks, September 2012