Collaborators – the word we use for “teacher” at Brightworks – embody enthusiasm and curiosity as they go hand in hand with the children into adventures of learning and self-discovery. They listen intently to the way children perceive and process, and are there with both expertise and an explorer’s passion to help children contextualize and expand on what they already understand, while forging ahead to provoke and explore a variety of new ideas and pursuits.

Our collaborators share in the extensive community of students, parents, colleagues, administrators and experts, refining ideas, passions and interests while connecting them with curricular goals in responsive and creative ways. They believe in involving children in the direction of all projects and pursuits to reach our goal of a truly immersive and personalized education for each child.

Collaborators strike a careful balance between cultivating freedom and agency in students to pursue their own passions, and well-crafted lessons to spark and ignite new approaches, skills and perceptions. At our school, collaborators are first and foremost advocates for children and strive to build bonds with them, challenge them, support them and build with them so each and every Brightworks student can find their most beautiful versions of themselves.